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This document will gives you how to deploy 3 nodes kafka and 3 node zookeeper cluster on kubernetes. I believe this will help you because most of the online documents are there with “helm” and I couldn’t fine simple way to deploy these two component together.


  1. kubernetes cluster with kubectl…

Build Docker Image upload to Nexus Repository and Deploy on Kubernetes


· Bitbucket Account

· Container Repository account (Nexus)

· Kubernetes Cluster


Commit the code into Bitbucket Repository



Here I’m using Apache NiFi ETL tool to assess 2 DBs and combined the output together. Also I’m running MySQL and PostgreSQL Docker containers with sample data to simulate this use case.

MySQL Table

Download and install VirtualBox from its official website, and make sure that you had downloaded the latest version.

Also download the official CentOS ISO from the official website, the latest CentOS build is 7.

Run your VirtualBox after you had installed it on your computer and located its icon on…

Grafana is well-known dashboard which is visualized time series data. Most of the DevOps engineers are currently used Grafana, to configure with various kind of data sources to generate reports.

Here I’m using two AWS instance to demonstrate the Grafana Dashboard with Hubot and Slack. One instance to install the…

First of all I have to tell this for all folks who are reading this article…. this is my very first article I have published in medium.

Lets begin…

If you have more server to deal with the best practice is make one single point to access all the servers…

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